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About Us

Meet Debra Mansfield

Hi!  Thank you for visiting my website. 

It's a great pleasure and privilege to be doing what I love. I have been in the beauty and fashion industry for over 20 years. My experience includes work as an esthetician, make-up artist, and image consultant. I have worked with celebrities, on film, TV, and magazine publications. I'm dedicating my time now soley to microblading. I absolutely love the concept. I was blessed with having full brows as a young women, but as I have gotten older, I had the need to fill them in with brow pencil. Microblading solved that problem. I was so excited with results. I just had to learn the technique and share with others. 

My training

I'm so fortunate to live in the Bay Area and have access to some of the best training in the country.  I studied under the fabulous Maya Moore. Specializing in feather like hair-strokes for the most natural look and a gradual shading technique.