1127 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, California 94939, United States

A Microblading Studio. Serving Marin County

A Microblading Studio. Serving Marin County

A Microblading Studio. Serving Marin County A Microblading Studio. Serving Marin County A Microblading Studio. Serving Marin County

Specializing in the most Natural Looking Brows

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  • Innovative solution for sparse, over-plucked and over-waxed eyebrows. Lasting results. 

enhancing natural eyebrows

Always Natural

  • Adding hair-like strokes strand by strand for natural looking brows. Creating symmetry and enhancing shape. 


Wake-up to beautiful brows everyday!

Microblading will save you valuable time every morning. You will wake-up and go to sleep with brows that make you feel confident and beautiful! 

What we do


Microblading / 3D Brows

Microblading (also referred to as 3D brows) is applied using a manual tool to give you the most natural and hairlike effect for your brows. Each brow shape and pigment is customized to your skin type, undertones, and hair color.  To keep discomfort at a minimum, a topical anesthetic is applied to the area to keep pain at bay not only before the procedure, but the majority of the time during. The entire process takes between 1.5-2 hours.

After your initial procedure, your new brows may look a little dark in the beginning and during the healing process, but they will fade a few shades lighter once healed. There is a 10-14 day healing process but it shouldn't hinder you from going about your day to day activities.

Once healed, they will look quite natural starting off, as the brows aren't considered complete until after your touch up, 4-8 weeks after the initial procedure. This appointment is where we fine tune the brows, thicken them if desired, deepen them in color, and fill in any spots where ink has naturally fallen out. 

Microblading is great for:

  • Those with sparse brows due to over plucking or over waxing.
  • Those looking to add symmetry.
  • Those that want to enhance their existing shape.
  • Those that don't typically wear much makeup at all but still want subtle brow definition.
  • Those that have naturally full brows but want a cleaner appearance.

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What to know before your appointment.

Before Microblading Appointment

  • Avoid Alcohol, aspirin/ ibuprofen or any blood thinning vitamins (i.e. fish oils) for 72 hours.
  • Avoid tanning
  • Do not use face scrubs or Retin-A/ Retinol products 1 week prior
  • Do not do any chemical peel treatments for 2 weeks prior. 

Post Care Instructions For Microblading

  • Avoid wetting the brow area for 10 days 
  • Do not pick or scratch the treated area. Peeling and light scabbing are part of the healing process
  • Avoid vigorous exercise that causes heavy sweating for 10 days
  • No swimming, saunas, steaming or facials for 2 weeks
  • Avoid makeup and skincare products on or around your brows for 2 weeks

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We ask that you give us 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment.

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